YMCA’s WeeMarkable App Connects Parents and Educators

Can you think back on your very first day of school? For children and parents alike, the transition into daycare can be incredibly daunting. Luckily, there is a growing number of schools that are using the technology available today to create a positive experience for families.

That is the case of the YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. The branch contacted us to produce a spot about their WeeMarkable app, which creates a direct line of communication between educators and parents. 

“More than anything, we needed to emphasize how easy the WeeMarkable app makes the day-to-day in a parent’s life when they know that they can leave their child at a trusted daycare centre,” says producer Rakush Sarkari. “This is a new tool that essentially allows families to keep up with the child’s development process, so that parents don’t miss any important moments in their kid’s early stages of life.”

Directed by Ulla Laidlaw, the piece showcases a typical day at Sir William Osler YMCA Child Care Centre. As the children engage in fun learning activities throughout the day, the educator is quick to share their progress taking pictures through the WeeMarkable app. One of the mothers is elated to see her son interacting with the books, texting that he will be reading the stories all by himself soon.

“While the mother isn’t physically around, the app allows her to be a part of these beautiful moments,” says Ulla. “The benefits of the technology is that it lets us savour these special times. Parents can relive those moments with their child when they are together at home. This was a great project and it was lovely to be at the centre and interacting with educators who are actively using the app.”

The spot will be made available digitally by 2020.