Why we invested in In-House Video Production Capabilities

By March 18, 2019Our Process

Visiting the Media One Office is an experience of its own. Located in Toronto, Canada, our building houses companies from a rock climbing gym to an ethical jewelry store. Upon entering the office, you step away from the hall’s concrete floors towards a colourful open concept environment. The space includes a Glass Room, Mix Theatre, Cyclorama Studio, and Editing Suites. This is where we produce everything, from feature-length documentaries to event production. We have heavily invested in our in-house video production capabilities. Meaning, 100% of the work that we produce is done internally, and not outsourced. This allows us full control over the content that we produce and has given our clients the opportunity to be a key part of the creation process.

Our Studio

The Bandwidth of a Large Agency, The Nimbleness of a Boutique Agency.

What enables us to achieve large scale projects are our roster of creators. Creators are a curated set of skilled professionals that are always on call. Creators can be anybody. We have creators that are trained cinematographers or Creators who are professional saxophone players. To date, our creator network has grown up to 300 professionals. To learn more about them click here.

Co-Creation: We want to work with you

Co-creation is the philosophy we take with every project, and that is to work with our clients throughout the entire process. From the brainstorming session to post-production.

Co-creation allows us to create focused content, that prioritizes our client’s message. Our in-house capabilities opens up the opportunity for our client’s to visit and guide the process. When partnering with a brand, we invite their people for discovery sessions, view project iterations in our theatre, or even connect directly with our editors. It is our in-house capabilities that facilitate our Co-creation philosophy.  

We Are Flexible

Having a skilled in-house team and our facilities on hand, we are able to pivot quickly. What this means, is that we have the resources to react fast and effectively to any request.  After producing 6 digital spots for World Vision Canada, we were asked to repackage one of the spots for television with a 2-week timeline. This serves as a perfect example of our in-house capabilities. We were able to ping our editor, Abbi Morrison, that day, and get that over to them quickly. The spot, later on, played during the World Cup. We are able to streamline the entire production process to be entirely in house. With our roster of creators and our facilities, this process has allowed us to become resilient and flexible for our clients.