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When life comes full circle: Ryerson Alumni Derek Rider and Corey Peck, give back to support students

    Derek Rider and Corey Peck

    Derek Rider and Corey Peck, CEO, and COO of Media One Creative respectively pictured on graduation day and at the premiere of their first documentary brand film.

    What an incredible experience when life comes full circle. 

    Media One Creative is proud of Ryerson University students who are well deserving of the “The Derek Rider of Storytelling Excellence,” and “The Corey Peck Award of Production Excellence.” These two awards are a part of a multi-year commitment from Derek Rider and Corey Peck, co-founders of Media One Group, to their alma mater.  

    As not many would know, Media One Creative’s CEO and COO, Derek Rider, and Corey Peck are proud Ryerson Alumni. They graduated from the School of Journalism and RTA Media Production in 2010 respectively. Now, more than a decade after graduating together, Rider and Peck are giving back to support students.

    Derek Rider and Corey Peck believe in celebrating those who practice storytelling, whether it’s marketing a movie or a piece of music, or a brand narrative. Media One Creative believes it to be able to tell stories, you need to tell them from different perspectives as a way of resonating with the great world that we’re in.

    Media One Creative supports creators and students who are passionate about all forms of storytelling. We are grateful to be able to give back. 

    We offer our sincere congratulations and well-wishes to Vanessa Wright and Naomi Chen. Vanessa will be honoured with the $1,000 gift to continue developing new approaches to storytelling. Her written submission explored the versatility, resilience, and ingenuity of Black women in sports journalism as a way to highlight the challenges faced by them and the perseverance of Black women while encouraging readers to think more critically about race relations in Canada. Whereas, Naomi will be honoured with the $1,000 gift to boost innovative use of current and emerging technologies in media production. 

    Few words from the Media One Creative award winner students

    Ryerson Students

    “I am beyond honoured to be recognized for my ability and love for storytelling. This award reignites my passion and dedication to engage in truthful and impactful journalism. I would like to show my utmost appreciation and gratitude to Media One Creative and Derek Rider for offering this incredible award and recognizing the importance of telling meaningful stories.” 

      – Vanessa Wright 

    “The award will serve to further encourage her continued exploration of the boundaries of current and emerging technologies. I am inspired by the work of Media One Creative and the power of The Creative School’s alumni network.”

      – Noami Chen

    To read more about it, read the official announcement from the university here.