The Fusion of Personalized Video and APMA’S Connected Car

By January 20, 2019Personalized Videos

On January 8th, 2019 Media One Creative traveled to Las Vegas to showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show.  We traveled with the Canadian government and 23 other companies in various different industries. CES is the world’s largest consumer tech show. It is devoted to showcasing the newest technologies within the consumer electronics industry.

We were invited to exhibit personalized video. This video technology has the ability to bake the viewers information into the video that they are watching – in real time. If you’re curious about how we did this, fill out the form below and receive your very own personalized video. 

When visitors approached our booth, they had the choice to personalize 1 of 2 videos. The first was a personalized video reel. The second was done in partnership with the APMA, who were also chosen to be part of the Canadian delegation. The APMA is Canada’s national association that represents OEM producers of automotive technology and services. They were at CES showcasing their connected automobiles. These connected cars are to be placed in the smart city of Stratford, Ontario, consisting of 10 different autonomous technologies.

Fill out the form below to receive your own personalized video.

The personalized video, The Connected Car, showcases the benefits of this technology for automobile companies. Its ability to personalize in real time, on a mass scale give’s OEM’s the rare opportunity to share information that is specific to the viewer’s vehicle. For onboarding, it can be used to generate new customers with customized offers tailored to them.

Both personalized video and the connected car show consumers how technologies around us are going to significantly change in the coming years. We had the opportunity to speak with Colin Dillon, Chief Technical Officer of APMA, about what the future automobile will look like, and how Canada plays a role in the innovations taking place.

We are happy to have partnered the APMA during the Consumer Electronics Show. Even though our technologies fall under different verticals, we share similar ideals. We both are proudly Canadian, who desire to implement future forward technologies TODAY.