How To Personalize Your Video Content

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Personalize Your Content In 2018

Personalization was one of the biggest marketing trends last year, and will continue to be just as important in 2018. Video is becoming the most effective medium to communicate with your customers and prospects, so we are sharing three ways to effectively personalize your video content.


1. Personalize your content to your buyer personas.

The best way to add an initial level of personalization to your videos is to create content aligned with your buyer personas. As a business, you probably have at least two to three different customer personas that you are targeting. When you’re creating your marketing content, some of this content may be applicable to all of your customers, but other content should be specific to one persona.

As a general rule, as your prospect is moving down the sales funnel, the content that they are viewing should become more personalized to them. One great example of content personalized to the persona is a series of videos that we created for our client Deltek, a leading enterprise software and information solutions provider for professional services firms and government contractors. Deltek’s vision was to create multiple videos that were targeted at different customer personas to create a self-guided sales journey allowing customers to self-qualify themselves further down the funnel.

This overview video is a top-of-funnel piece of content that gives an overview of the product for all different customer personas. The rest of the videos in this series were broken down to speak specifically to each persona.


Why does this work?

Not all of your customers are the same, and, therefore, not all of them will find the same value in your product or service. By creating more personalized video content, you can serve up a specific, targeted message that will tell your prospects exactly what they want to hear.

Top Use Cases

  1. Create a customized experience for each of your buyer personas on your website.
  2. Create segmented email lists by buyer persona, and create content personalized to each of these personas.
  3. Target your account-based marketing efforts using slightly different messaging for different buyers within an organization.
  4. Enable your sales team with a variety of different pieces of content to help tailor their pitch to each individual prospect.


2. Use personal videos to send a genuine message

I think we can all agree that a phone call is always a more personal way to connect with your prospects than an email, but sometimes this isn’t always possible, especially when cold calling. You may not have a direct extension for your prospect, and when you do, people often don’t answer their phones. But have you ever thought about sending your prospects a video message created specifically for them? We have incredible technology at our fingertips. With webcams and smartphone cameras that can record 4K video, there is nothing stopping you from creating a quick and personal video message for a really important cold call. You can  even send a compelling message to a prospect who may be further down the funnel.

Our friends at Vidyard have created a powerful tool that helps you do exactly this. It is an easy to use video recording tool that connects to your email and helps you record, send and track video messages. Best of all, it’s free to try out!



Why does this work?

The difficulty with email or any text-based communication method is that it’s difficult to read any sort of emotion. If you send a formal email, you may come off as dry, and if you send a more casual email, prospects may consider that as you not taking them seriously.

With a video, you are speaking directly to the camera so your personality will be able to shine through. While it may take a few tries to get comfortable being on camera, it is pretty easy to let your personality shine through and be as genuine as possible.


Top Use Cases

    1. Cold calling
    2. Client onboarding
    3. Sending a personal thank-you message
    4. Explaining/summarizing an important document (i.e. sending through a contract)


3. Personalized Videos

While personal videos are great for communicating one-on-one, the most effective way to do personalization at scale is through personalized video. This is a service that we offer our clients, which is a combination of video technology and creative storytelling. Personalized video allows you to take a list of your opted-in clients and prospects, and email them a video that is personalized to them with their name, company name, and other personal information weaved throughout the video.



Why does this work?

Having the viewer’s information integrated into the video in a creative way has been proven to increase open rates, click through rates and audience retention rates significantly, as compared to a standard email campaign. Our clients have seen retention rates of up to 91%, which is far above industry average for similar non-personalized videos. More people watching until the end of your video means more people viewing your CTA, which, in the end, means a better chance for more conversions.


Top Use Cases

  1. Prospecting
  2. Reconnecting with cold leads
  3. Pre-event or post-event email blasts
  4. Selling deeper into current accounts


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