Meet Our New Head of Production: Aine Corby

By February 1, 2019Our Team

If you admire someone,
talk to them.
Attitude is everything.

Aine Corby

We are excited to announce that Aine Corby is our new Head of Production. Aine has been a producer with Media One Creative for 2.5 years and has lead substantial projects with us. She produced the Hyundai personalized video campaigns, traveled across Canada to produce the EY Entrepreneur of the year awards, and has even flown to Africa, India, and New York to lead the filming of our up and coming documentary with Divacup. All in all, Aine’s expertise has been integral to the company’s growth. With this news, we had the opportunity to ask Aine’s about her experiences at Media One, and the media industry in general.

How did you get started in the industry?

I graduated 10 years ago now (Gasp) and I’ve been pretty much working in the industry since. My first job was with an Irish production Company in my hometown in Cavan, Ireland called Macanna Teoranta. Since then, I’ve worked on pretty much every kind of production you can imagine, film, TV, theatre and even spent time working on music tours.

If you admire someone, talk to them.

Attitude is everything.

Do you have some advice for people who want to break into the industry as a producer?

I would advise them to get as much experience when they are starting out as possible. Focus on what they want to do but don’t be afraid to try different types of production and get as much varied experience as possible.

What has been your favourite project at Media One Creative?

I have 2. I love the Entrepreneur of the Year project we do for EY. It’s allowed me to work on one of the biggest projects I’ve ever worked on as well as travel and see a good chunk of Canada.

I also LOVE the Diva Documentary. I’ve become so passionate about the subject matter and the purpose behind the documentary. It’s also allowed me to travel to some incredible places. It’s made me want to learn so much more about documentary filmmaking and I hope we continue to work on projects like these.

What is your proudest moment at Media One Creative? 

Becoming Head of Production. 🙂

Out of all of the places that you’ve traveled for work, where was your favourite?

I was really taken with Uganda. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and the people are wonderful. It’s somewhere I would love to travel back to one day.