Media One Spotlight: Lisa

    Who: Lisa Sousa

    Title: Account Director

    Department: Client Services 


    Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?

    A: I love getting to the root of a problem and unearthing the solution through research, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving. It’s like being a detective and cracking a case. 

    I can also honestly say that I am the caregiver type, so helping people – whether it be clients, creative teams, or producers – is in my nature and very rewarding for me. 


    Q: What is your past industry experience?

    A: Before joining Media One, I spent four years at Zulu Alpha Kilo in Toronto, helping lead the diverse portfolio of Whirlpool Canada Corporation brands, Consonant Skin+Care, and RATESDOTCA. Before that, I worked at DDB Tribal and Doug & Partners Inc.

    I’ve been in the industry for seven years now and have worked with a wide range of brands, from locally known companies to national household names. Some of those household names include brands such as KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Skittles, Juicy Fruit, Adidas, and Canada Goose. My experiences span quite a few categories as well: skincare, athletic wear, luxury goods, appliances, food, confectionery, pet care, government, education, and insurance. Having worked at a variety of advertising agencies for the last seven years, I come equipped with a lot of integrated marketing campaign experience. 


    Q: What do you like most about being a part of the creative world? 

    A: I love that we are constantly using creativity to solve problems – whether it is addressing a client’s business problem or something larger. No two problems or solutions are ever the same so every day is different. We are collectively striving to make things we are proud of and to do better every day. That’s really an incredible thing, and when we put our heads together and come up with a solution that gives you that “aha” moment – it’s an awesome feeling and honestly so satisfying. 


    Q: What are your favourite hobbies and activities?

    A: I love to cook and bake but I don’t like to follow recipes – I’m always trying new things and I make it up as I go. It usually works out! 

    I love nature, animals, and being outdoors. I like to hike, camp, garden, and even bird watch. At least once a year, I try to go on a backcountry canoe trip. I also have a keen interest in nature photography and have a TON of fun photos I’ve taken of some really cool animals, reptiles, and insects. 

    I like to make things with my hands, whether it be through sewing or painting. 

    Finally, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good movie (genre: sci-fi and thrillers), TV show (genre: sitcom and satire), or book (genre: dystopian fiction). 


    Q: What is something people might not know about you?

    A: I’m an adventure seeker and I’m always planning out my next excursion. I want to see as much of the world as I possibly can. Lockdowns and COVID restrictions over the last year have definitely made that difficult, but it’s given me the opportunity to explore the Ontario parks system and do lots of hiking – Ontario is honestly so beautiful and it has been awesome to discover what’s in our own backyard. Before COVID, some fun adventures I’ve had are: 

    • I’ve given elephants a mud bath at an Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand (it was a dream come true). 
    • Explored the streets on Melaka, Malaysia on a Pikachu-themed trishaw that played 90’s hits on repeat. 
    • Stood on the southernmost point of Continental Asia while in Singapore (I have a picture to prove it). 
    • Zip-lined through the highest point of the Cloud Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica (it was so foggy I couldn’t see a thing). 
    • And in the same trip to Costa Rica, crawled through the lowest points of the Venado Cave in Alajuela Province (most anxious I have ever been). 

    I have more fun adventures and am always happy to share my experiences!