Three Ways to Use Video To Improve Brand Personality

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Your brand is your company’s single most valuable asset. Developing a brand personality is critical for businesses to differentiate their brand from competitors. A dynamic brand consists of a dynamic brand personality, and this can be achieved through a carefully crafted content strategy. Which brings us to the question: how can brand personality be portrayed in a way that will drive engagement and results? Video.

Video is the perfect way to express your brand’s personality because there are few barriers in the way of you conveying your message. With its ability to incorporate imagery, music, and planning, video is the perfect tool to connect with like-minded consumers. But how do you make the connections? Here are three types of video that will help you boost brand personality.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that talk about a company’s service or product through character animation or motion graphics. With visually pleasing animations and a strong message, they have a high engagement rate amongst audiences. Since animation allows you full creative control, it makes inputting key brand characteristics very achievable. You are also able to drive your brand personality in subtle ways. Elements of an effective animated explainer video should be carefully chosen to represent your brand, and with this creative freedom you can do this effectively through simple things like brand colours, font-type, and imagery.  Your target audience should inspire the way your video flows and the language that you use. You can even create a buyer persona, and integrate a fictional character who represents the persona in the video. This creates a relatable aspect to the video, and spurs trust within your brand. And this is the goal; creating a video that will have your audience resonate with your brand.


Culture Videos

A culture video showcases a behind-the-scenes view of your company’s work culture. Work culture videos are light-hearted and are meant to not only inspire, but to also excite.  Think outside your product, and tell the story of your company. In turn, you will create a well-rounded brand personality that incites transparency and trust. Brand personality is dynamic and consists of brand characteristics, qualities, and most importantly values. If these are represented through your culture video, it tells the audience that your brand goes deeper than surface level. Showcasing the inner workings of your company shatters the wall between your company and the services that you offer. This is important because people want to know the human beings behind the sell. This makes your brand more than a selling proposition, and makes you a trustworthy entity.


Personalized Video

Personalized videos are used primarily in direct email campaigns. What makes them so valuable is that they embed key information about the email recipient into the videos. This information can include, but is not limited to, the recipient’s name, email, photo and company name. In an ever-growing, data-filled environment, it has been become easier to create personalized content for your consumer. However, this effort falls flat when it is not attached to a meaningful story. Personalized video allows you to tell a story and represent key traits about your brand, all while directly incorporating the viewer. This is integral to your brand personality because it fulfills the end goal: for your brand to be a distinctive entity in the consumers mind. What’s more memorable than watching a video whose main character is YOU? With extremely high engagement rates, it is very easy for personalized video to help support brand personality in the consumers mind.  

Video is an effective way to represent brand personality. It is a visual and engaging method for driving company messages, and is easy to distribute amongst all platforms. An established brand personality is not achieved immediately, and should be prevalent in all media revolving around your brand. So, using more than one of these videos for your brand can lead to a robust and prominent brand personality. Animated explainer videos effectively talk about your brand in an aesthetically interesting way. Culture videos humanize your brand and explore core company values. Personalized videos are a way to integrate your viewer into your brand message. These videos all have different objectives, but also all work towards the common goal of deepening consumer brand perceptions.


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