M1 Events

M1 Events delivers full service event production services to brands.

What makes us different?


We Do Everything.

We fully develop all event elements. We create everything that goes into Marketing, Creative, Event Management and Production.


Content Driven.

We are always content first, and our events are no exception. We specialize in video and content – and housing this in an experience will bring your brand to life.


Multi Platform Experience.

We extend the audience’s interaction to before and after the event through the creation of social media content and online experiences.



We Produce & Project Manage EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year Gala.

Thought Leadership Series

We produce Thought Leadership events for your company which will better connect you with your audience. Establish your brand and your people as thought leaders in the industry. Add a new dimension to your event by adding a Thought Leadership Series and we will create a Video Series from the keynotes, panel discussions and dialogue that will be Content Worth Creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Content Driven Event?

Creating a content driven experience is how to turn an unremarkable event into a remarkable one. In-person experiences are how audiences connect and engage with your brand but having a great meal and keynote speaker isn’t enough. Since Media One Creative specializes in film and content production, our events always benefit from a content-first approach. Your next event is an opportunity to build a year’s worth of video content for your brand. On average, our M1 Events team build over 100 pieces of new content when we work on an event and all of these pieces can be repurposed for marketing. Take a content-driven approach on your next event or experience.

Do you handle Experiential Marketing?

No – we are not an experiential marketing agency, but we will help market your content driven experience.

What makes M1 an expert in Content Driven Events?

Our M1 Events team combines decades of experience, both from the client and agency sides, with a full production studio and films division, and an all-encompassing event management team. M1 Brand Films to start, M1 Content Studios throughout, and an M1 Events experience to remember. Most other Event Management companies and Experiential Agencies subcontract out the ‘Content’ portions. By being a content company first, we can ensure your event goals are met while creating content to fuel your year-long strategy. Whether we are launching a product worldwide, booking an astronaut to come on stage, or producing a travelling show with over 200 video deliverables across 6 different markets – we can do it.