Why Content Will Always Be King in 2018

Guide to Content Marketing Tools and Media

Let’s start with this question, what is content marketing? Content marketing is when you create original content (blogs, videos, photos, white papers) and then publish that content across different channels. This is done for the purpose of generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and much more depending on what your strategy is. Basically, it’s a marketing tactic that you definitely want to implement.

There are many reasons why content will always be king. Here are just a few stats to show you:

  • 329 million people read blogs each month.
  • 27 million pieces of content are shared each day.
  • People spend more than 50% of their time online reading content. Add another 30% for the people that are on social media which is where the content is being promoted (entrepreneur).

Content marketing sets focus on the customers or audience rather than the company itself. Instead of interrupting your audience you’re attracting them with your content. Here are three reasons that prove why content will always be king and why you should implement it into your marketing strategy.

1. Content Improves Your Website’s SEO and SERP

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The first reason why content will always be king is simply because of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Publishing quality content on your website can have a large impact on your SEO and search engine ranking.

How to take advantage of blogs for your SEO:

  1. Using keywords in your blogs (yet avoid keyword stuffing since it can have the opposite effect on your SEO).
  2. Adding links that can connect readers to other pages on your website or other web pages.
  3. Consistent updates and content being published will establish credibility with audiences.
  4. Keep users on your website longer since they will be engaging with your content. If a website only has a homepage, who really wants to stay on that?

2. Content Increases Engagement With Your Audiences

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If you give your audience good content, they’ll engage. When you create a high-quality video, blog, social media post, really any type of content, users are drawn to engage with it whether they realize it or not. Good content will make people pause and consume what you’ve created. This is key. As marketers, if you can create quality content that will make audiences pause and consume then you have the ability to spread brand awareness, increase lead generation, and much more.

But how do you create good content that’s engaging for your customers, clients, and audience? Here are 8 things to keep in mind:

  1. Original
  2. Thought leadership
  3. Speaks directly to customers
  4. Answers questions
  5. Opens up dialogue
  6. Actionable
  7. Accurate
  8. Rich media (video, audio, or other pieces of content that encourages engagement)

3. Content Boosts Your Lead Production Through Marketing


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Content marketing isn’t just great for your SEO and engagement, it’s also effective for generating leads for your brand. 78 percent marketers in a survey stated that driving sales and leads was their number one goal (entrepreneur). And not only is content marketing effective, it’s cheap. Many B2B marketers believe that most of their targets and prospects are online so using the internet as a way to attract them can be pretty cheap.

When you create and publish good content it establishes authority and brand awareness in the market. This has the potential to generate sales and leads for your brand since you’re exposing more audiences to your brand with quality content. Good content also tends to be less ‘salesy’ which can turn possible leads away from your brand. Instead, if you have content that’s directed to the audience and not yourself, you are creating an organic way for possible leads to interact with your content.

Alison Osborne

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Alison is the Jr. Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Media One Creative. With a passion for marketing, content, and creativity, Alison has been working in various startups for over 3 years.