M1 Content Studios
M1 Content Studios

We are experts in creating content that connects with audiences in powerful ways

We strategically develop creative content for your brand across a year-long content calendar. We are purpose-built for developing your content across multiple platforms. We are the video company of choice for the world’s largest brands. 120+ clients | 70+ countries | 800+ content projects. We are the fastest growing digital video agency for a reason

Our Clients

Personalized Video

Personalized video is a tool which helps you communicate one-to-one with your prospects and customers, by embedding their name and other personal information into the video.

Personalized Video
Personalized Video


Many of our clients are finding that programs such as employee onboarding, training, thought leadership and other forms of internal communications are far more effective when delivered in the form of video. With our powerful analytics tools, we can give our clients incredible insights on who is watching their videos, when they are watching them and even down to what parts of the videos they have rewatched multiple times.

Brand Spot

This is your company’s or product’s introduction to the world. As the video agency to some of the world’s largest brands, we pride ourselves in our TV commercial work and brand spot creation. Oftentimes we create multiple versions of the same spot so our clients can use them for multiple purposes.

Case Study

This helps showcase how successful your organization has been with your clients. Our fully equipped team produces videos in-studio or on-location across Canada and the USA. We have helped our clients create case study videos to showcase their best work, show use cases of a new product or service and create sales tools to win a big new account.

Product Explainer

A well-produced product explainer gives a detailed overview of a product in a short, easily digestible way. After watching a Product Explainer, the viewer should have a clear understanding of the product or service. These videos can be produced in many different styles but we have found that animated videos work best for many of our clients.


Production Company of Record

We evaluate the video content needs of your company and create a digital video content roadmap to consider all wants and needs.

Why Choose Us To Be Your Production Company of Record?


Dedicated Team

You will have a dedicated team at Media One who know your brand and will help develop your video strategy – creating videos that solve business challenges.


We Only Work In-House

We do all of our work in house – from the creative idea through to production and post-production. This allows us to consistently create high quality Video Assets that allows flexibility if your plan changes.


Work Together More Efficiently

Our POR model can save you over 20% annually over per project costs.