Relationship Began 2019

Media One Creative was engaged by Truebill to create a 30 second spot for DRTV in July 2019. Working in partnership with Tatari for distribution, Media One created an ambitious concept of a series of users being lost in a financial maze. The maze concept required advanced planning for green screen capture on set in order to create the animated elements afterward. As-well as shooting this maze concept on set, 4 direct to camera testimonials from each of our talent were also recorded which provided amazing latitude in post production to create a series of digital spots to support the TV deliverable. The result is a TV spot that will air on US tv and a series of digital assets that will supplement the marketing rollout ideally.

Truebill DRTV Ad - The Financial Maze

Truebill DRTV Ad - Testimonies

Behind the Scenes with Truebill

Behind the Scenes