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Relationship Began 2020

Five9 – a cloud contact centre service – has the technology and software to completely reinvent how call centres work, but the market is highly competitive and no one knew the brand nor did they search for it. Five9 wanted to be seen as the preferred choice for customer contact centre software and to show potential customers what real change can look like.

Case Study:

INSIGHT: The typical contact centre is laden with negative connotations. No one wants to call into one and being employed by one doesn’t have strong appeal either. Five9 needed to not only create noise to get their name out there but they also needed to make enough noise with their point of view – to stand out and demonstrate that all the negative stereotypes are a thing of the past. To do this we knew they needed a consistent voice to lend to their thought-leadership POV. And we knew that we needed to do this with a mix of mediums, from earned media through programmatic.

SOLUTION:  We built an omni-channel campaign from top-of-the-funnel through to ABM assessment tools. This size of the campaign was the first it kind for Five9 and every touchpoint was designed to work seamlessly along the customer engagement journey. Each piece highlighted what the Five9 difference looks like––what a reimagined customer experience can be. Our hero video content contrasted the typical agent pain points with the reality and ease of a contact centre using Five9 software. And social, print and digital demonstrated eye-opening stats of the positive after-effects of using Five9.

 “Working with Five9 and achieving these results was an incredible experience.  In addition to exceeding the objectives, what I’m most proud of is the speed at which our team delivered the results.  The entire campaign – from strategy and ideation to execution and 100s of millions of views, impressions and more happened in a 5-week period!  It is such a testament to our global team – with the project executed across Canada, USA, and the UK simultaneously.” – Derek Rider, CEO, Media One Creative

“It was a fantastic brief! Five9 challenged us to create a platform that would break through the B2B clutter – to do something smart, something untraditional and something that would stand out. It’s always a pleasure working with clients who want to do things differently.” – Alex Furrer, Executive Creative Director

– Alex Furr, Executive Creative Director



CLICK THROUGHS: Up 191%, well above campaign goal

LEADS: Up 39% from goal



-Reach:270 million

-Featured on more than 600 outlets globally, across 31 countries including prime time morning and evening news

-#2 hit in the world on Reuters’ for the week of April 26, 2021 – second only to the COVID-19 crisis in India

-1600% ROI (production investment to earned media equivalent)

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