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The production phase of our process focuses on actually making the video. For an animated video, this entails our motion graphics team bringing our styleframes to life in a full 2D or 3D animated video. For a live action video this involves a shoot either using our in-house studios or on location. Our production crews range from one camera operator and a director to a 40+ person crew, depending on the complexity of the production. Our roster of production professionals are the best at what they do, and have worked on some of North America’s largest corporate videos, TV commercials and major motion pictures. When choosing a crew for a production we always assemble the best team for the project based on their interests and past experiences.

In House Studio at Media One Creative


  •  Experienced 2D & 3D motion graphics designers
  • In-house 5000 sq. ft. production studio
  • On-site location services
  • Over 150 video professionals in the Media One Creative network
  • Production capabilities in Canada and across the USA