Our Team Created a Maze on Set to Show How Truebill Can Lead You Out

“Whenever you create a concept for an industry that is relatively new, it’s always important to involve your client in terms of collaboration,” says our producer Leen Tangney. This was put to the test at the latest Media One Creative shoot for Truebill, the world’s first personal finance management service.

Through the Truebill app, it is possible to find, track, and cancel all paid subscriptions and recurring bills. Although the tool has experienced exponential growth since its launch, it was time to introduce this free online service to a larger audience. For that, Truebill came to our team for a 30-second DRTV commercial.

Directed by Ken Simpson, the concept brings together four people struggling to get out of a maze of financial distress. Each actor represents a specific demographic that might encounter money problems – from a young college student to the CEO of a major company. As their anxiety increases, they are transported from their original location to a physical maze, where Truebill leads to the way out.

“[With animation], we see a quick transition between the difficulties one can have in real life, moving into the ethereal, visual metaphor for how those financial drains look like,” explains Leen, who also acted as director of photography for this project.

Using blue placard boards, the background was digitally replaced. To achieve the effect of a digital maze. Ken Simpson, both the director and editor of this spot, used the Composite Brush for keying, which produced the remarkable results.

Recognizing the talent of this particular cast, our team boldly made the decision to shoot extra pieces showcasing testimonials and the use of the app. This became a series of 15- and 30-second videos that will be delivered as additional content to Truebill. “We recognized that there was an opportunity on set, so now we have this amazing asset to deliver to Truebill, as opposed to the one pre-programmed spot,” concludes Leen.