Behind the Scenes: World Vision Child Protection

By February 15, 2019Behind the Scenes

World Vision approached us with the request to create a brand spot about 1 of their 5 pillars, child protection. The spot was to spread awareness of their rehabilitation and resources for escaped child soldiers.

The inspiration of the spot was derived from the beacon in World Vision’s logo. The beacon represents a guiding light for change makers and a representation of hope for those who are in need. The director, Justin Black, took this concept, and made it the heart of the spot. The goal was to highlight the tangible results of child sponsorship. The spot visually represents the long term impact World Vision can have on a child in a visually concise and compelling manor by changing the circumstances of our child solider immediately. The benefits of a long term commitment are clearly evident.

The story begins in a marketplace, where a child soldier has escaped to. The soldier sees the falling beacon. The star transforms into a World Vision counselor. When the soldier is approached by her, his surroundings begin the change. His gun and helmet dissipate, and a classroom begins to form around him.

The production relied on the spot’s VFX elements. In order to achieve a fluid motion, we used the Bolt JR. The same camera movement was created over and over again and tracking marks were used. This allows for the objects and movement to be composited together for the final product. Therefore, this increased the fluidity of the fading and made every movement precise.

The spot played in Cineplex’s and on television across Canada, and won the Communicator awards for  Cinematography, Directing and Non-Profit for Commercials.