Personalized Video with Hyundai Canada

By April 29, 2019Personalized Videos

Hyundai Canada approached us with a problem. They needed a way to encourage customers to opt-in to their emails and improve engagement, while complying with Canadian Anti-Spam Law. (CASL) This law requires customers to provide consent before receiving emails. They were looking for an engaging medium to promote email opt-ins and track the results.  

Our Solution? Personalized Video.

Personalized video is video that integrates the viewer’s information into the video itself. To see it in action, fill out the following form and have your own personalized video created. For Hyundai, we personalized the following features: 

  • Their name
  • If they were a returning or new customer
  • The make and colour of their new car
  • Their local dealership

Fill out the form below to receive your own personalized video.

Hyundai’s personalized video is our longest ongoing campaign. The automation of the personalized video has allowed us to deliver 88,745 to date. It was through Vidyard that we were able to personalize and track the video. 

With this ability, we carefully tracked the results from the campaign. We found that after the 60 second mark, people dropped off. With this insight, we shortened the video to 60 seconds for maximum engagement. This campaign is still running to date. Hyundai’s email opt rate has increased by 8.5% and their email open rate has increased by 49%.