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Hear From Our B2B Customers

Content That Enables Marketing and Sales

Don’t create content for the sake of creating content. At Media One Creative, we will work with you to create powerful sales and marketing tools that are aligned with your company’s strategies.

 Sales Enablement

Arm your sales team with powerful video assets that will help seal the deal, including:

Video case studies help showcase how successful your organization has been with your clients. They are some of the most powerful tools in your B2B marketing arsenal. Our fully equipped team produces videos in-studio or on-location across Canada and the USA. Our roster of clients span various industries, including software, IT, banking, insurance, professional services, manufacturing, oil and gas and more. We have helped our clients create case study videos to showcase their best work, show use cases of a new product or service and create sales tools to win a big new account.

In an age where we receive thousands of emails per week, personalized video cuts through the clutter and delivers to the viewer a truly personalized message. With our personalization technology we create videos that integrate a viewer’s name, email address, company or any other variable content that can be found in the data you have on your customers. Our software then takes that list and renders out custom videos for anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 people.This technology has endless use cases – we have already had great success with our clients in B2B and B2C industries such as automotive, retail, banking, healthcare, marketing, and technology. Personalized video is disrupting digital media like personalized mail did to print – but at a fraction of the cost. Click here to receive a video personalized to you!

Being one of the most engaging types of content, video is an amazing tool for sales pitches. It allows you to add content to your presentations that may not be available in other formats – such as a message from your CEO, members of the team who are not at the meeting, or testimonials from customers. Video also helps extend the pitch past the initial presentation – while your prospects may forget exactly what you said in a meeting, a video link can be rematched by them, or other decision makers who weren’t in the initial pitch.If you are a brand that offers custom solutions to your customers, or are consistently pitching on large jobs that require custom proposals, custom pitch videos may be a useful tool for you. In these cases, we work with both our client and their prospect to build out a video roadmap of the product or service they are pitching, and how it would uniquely benefit that prospect.


Create powerful marketing content that always shows off your best side, including:

A well-produced product explainer gives a detailed overview of a product in a short, easily digestible video. After watching a Product Explainer, the viewer should have a clear understanding of the product or service. These videos can be produced in many different styles but we have found that animated videos work best for many of our clients. Product explainers can be used in a variety of contexts – our clients will often use explainer videos on their website or as sales tools. In our experience, we have found that these videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds in order to maximize viewer engagement.

A corporate video tells the story of your company – what you do, how you do it and why you do it. It is one of the most universal pieces of content for a B2B brand – it can be used on your website for attracting new clients, vendors, or team members as well as being used by your sales team as a tool during pitches to give a quick overview of your company. Depending on your particular use case, the corporate video can focus on different aspects of your company – you can also have multiple different cuts to use for different purposes. You could have a 90 second version that is used in email campaigns, then an extended version to use in sales pitches that could include a message from your executives. Social Media ContentYou’ve probably heard the term ‘content is king’ from virtually every digital marketer out there right now. In this digital age, your audience is hungry for content – especially easily digestible, visual content like video. If social media is a part of your marketing and lead generation strategies, it would be worth it for you to create visually appealing, effective content specifically for social media, whether it be a video, images, gifs, animation, or any combination of the above.”

Thought leadership is a marketing strategy that will elevate your brand and help you position your company as an industry expert. By serving up meaningful, impactful thought leadership content to your audience, you are already providing them with value even before they are your customers. By nurturing your prospects with quality thought leadership content you are ensuring that your brand always stays top of mind for them.

Ready to create some awesome marketing or sales enablement content? Talk to one of our experts today!


Media One Creative helped SAP launch their S4/HANA software internationally with this brand spot that was created in 5 different languages and released in over 40 countries worldwide. Part of the challenge with this project was that at the time of creating the video, the product was still in development so we had to work together with the SAP team to create visual mock ups for the commercial. The team at SAP loved the designs that were produced by Media One Creative so much that many of them were actually integrated into the actual S4/HANA software.

Valitas Capital Partners

Valitas Capital Partners uses Media One Creative to create sales enablement tools for their business. They came to us with the problem that they had many great customer success stories, but no effective way to tell these stories. Media One Creative worked with Valitas to build effective testimonial videos featuring their clients who told the story of their experience working with Valitas. The result was a series of effective videos which allowed their prospects to hear directly from previous Valitas customers.