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Video Marketing Stats That Every Business Should Know (Infographic)

Video. Everybody is talking about it. B2B marketers are using it almost as much as e-books. 76% of B2C marketers are integrating it as a key part of their content strategies. But are you utilizing video enough in your marketing strategy? 

Below are a list of quick and easy stats that prove that video will have a pivotal impact on your content marketing strategy.

Return on Investment

Our Bold Statement: Video is one of the most successful forms of content when it comes to increasing engagement, boosting brand identity, and securing new leads.

Stats that prove it: 

  1. 52% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI. (syndacast)

  2. 70% of B2B marketers think that video is more effective than any other form of content when converting qualified leads (CMI)

  3. Marketers using video increase revenue 49% faster than those who don’t (Vidyard)



Our Bold Statement: Video captivates. A well done video has the power to add credibility to a brand. As a result, it increases confidence in purchase decisions, as well as improves conversion rates.

Stats that prove it:

  1. 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions (Digiday)

  2. 64% of consumers say that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influences a purchasing decision (tubular insights)

  3. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Wordstream)


Our Bold Statement: The current video boom has resulted in social platforms pivoting to accommodate the distribution of video. With it’s highly shareable content, combined with its engagement rate; video is allows your message to reach the widest set of audiences.Stats that prove it:

  1. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined (Responsive Inbound Marketing)

  2. By 2020 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. (tubular insights)

  3. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages (Forbes)


Curious on what video can do for you? Let’ talk.

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5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Content Strategy

Marketing is never static – it is in a constant state of evolution. For marketers this means keeping up to date with the latest trends and tools. The latest mega trend? Video. Within the last couple of years, video has become a part of our everyday lives. It seems as though everywhere we look there is a new on demand video streaming service that provides high-quality, flexible, and secure video streaming across all device platforms. We have put together some top video marketing trends to ensure that your brand is staying up to date with this constantly growing medium.

1. Live Video Streaming

What is the appeal of live video streaming? Simple. It’s an in-the-moment experience that establishes an instant connection. Leaving no opportunity for inauthenticity, live video is raw, unedited content. This rare viewing opportunity has contributed to Facebook and Instagram’s mass success with their live video features. Facebook reports that its users watch live videos 3X longer than non-live videos. Video is not only live streamed, but so are the comments; allowing for immediate feedback.

This easy and stripped down opportunity leaves room for brands to get creative. For some inspiration for your company’s next live video team consider: behind the scenes footage, sharing exclusive content, offering limited time deals, or showcasing a time sensitive event.

2. Explainer Videos

What is the appeal of the explainer video? It saves the consumer time and effort. Presented in concise and easily-digestible way, explainer videos break down information about your company, product, or service; offering the perfect solution for someone who wants learn about you in minutes. Generally, a top-of-funnel solution, explainer videos invite people to learn about your company with the promise of easy understanding. This is not only prominent with B2C companies, but also B2B companies with 59% of company decision makers rather watching video than reading articles and blog posts.

3. Co-Creation

What is the appeal of brand’s co-creating? It treats your customer not as a consumer, but as collaborator. Rising in popularity, co-creation joins the organization’s efforts with its customer to develop products, services, and even campaigns. With the prominence of video, access to smartphone cameras, and today’s technologically advances consumer, video allows endless opportunity for campaign co-creation. A great example is EYeka and Coca-cola’s campaign, “Energizing Refreshment.” Artists were invited to create videos, animations, illustrations, and photographic coke ads that were showcased worldwide.


This not only significantly reduces risks, but bridges the gap between your organization and their consumer.

4. Square Video

What is the appeal of optimizing video for vertical viewing? It increases video engagement on mobile platforms. allows for easy viewing, and more video space on social media. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones, and this number is only growing. Today, ease of mobile viewing has become mandatory, and video optimized for vertical viewing is the most ideal amongst mobile users.

What is the appeal of optimizing video for vertical viewing? It increases video engagement on mobile platforms. allows for easy viewing, and more video space on social media. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones, and this number is only growing. Today, ease of mobile viewing has become mandatory, and video optimized for vertical viewing is the most ideal amongst mobile users.

5. Personalized Video

What is the appeal of personalized video? It is a new-to-the-world technology that creates a personal experience through video. Personalization revolutionizes the traditional one-size-fits-all strategy and produces customized video targeted towards the individual viewer. How? By integrating the viewers personal information, like name, email, and company, within the video itself. The best part is that personalization software’s can complete this on a mass scale, and in real time. To see how this technology works, click here, to generate your own personalized video. By producing high engagement rates, this trend solves the problem of a saturated online environment. Personalized marketing has always been a method of connecting brands with their customers, which makes it no surprise that personalized video is an effective lead generation tool

With the creative freedom that video allows, the latest content marketing trends are both effective, and out of the box. Video can play a pivotal role in your customer journey, and it’s up to marketers to use video to its fullest potential. Trends will come and go, but as time goes on video continues to be a tool for connecting brands with their customers.

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12 Game Changing Stats on The Power of Personalized Video


Personalized video is gaining traction fast, and is in a constant state of evolution. Never before has there been the capability to personalize content on a mass scale, and in real time. Personalized video is a treasure trove of unlocked potential, and only until recently are businesses taking advantage of this up-and-coming technology.

Why is personalized video a critical part of your brand’s marketing strategy? We have compiled a number of statistics to answer this question.

Relevancy Always Wins  

  1. Lack of content relevancy generates 83% lower response rates in the average marketing campaign. (Constellation Research)
  2. Seventy-nine percent of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy. – (Monetate)
  3. Seventy-five percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, OR knows their purchase history (Accenture)

Video is the current mega-trend, and is an integral part of a business’s content marketing strategy today. However, why stop at just video? Personalized video creates an experience that is relevant to the consumer’s situation and preferences. With the ability to embed the viewers name, images and much more, it effectively drives meaningful connections between the consumer and your brand.


Personalization & Real-Time Marketing

  1. Sixty percent of marketers note that they struggle to personalize content in real time, but 77%believe real-time personalization is crucial. (CMO)
  2. Thirty-seven percent of marketers have not integrated real-time marketing technologies with their sales and marketing units. (CMO)
  3. E-mail rates the highest among channels for real-time personalization marketing, with 80%of marketers finding it very important, and 97%finding it moderate to highly important. (Print in the Mix)

Some personalization softwares can customize a viewer experience in real time.  What does this mean? All you need is a form fill with all relevant information needed for the video. (For example, name, company, email) Once the form is submitted, a personalized video is emailed to the recipient. Try it out yourself here! As a result, this inbound lead generation method can help strengthen your company’s customer profiles.


The Inevitable Future of Personalization

  1. Hanley-Wood Business Media found that 78% of CMOs believed “custom content” is the future. (Clickz)
  2. By 2020, 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact. (Salesforce)
  3. When asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, one-third of marketers answered: “personalization.” (Adage)

Personalized marketing is nothing new.  It has been a highly appraised marketing effort only halted by one significant barrier: a lack of data. With the abundant access to information, and the interconnectivity that the online world allows, this is no longer an issue. As a result, technologies today are sprouting up to take advantage of this need gap. At the same time, this interconnectivity and access to information has created a demand for personalized experiences.  Personalized video not only enables technologies to help you retrieve data, but it generates customized content that will specifically appeal to your viewers on a mass scale.


Cutting through the Clutter.

  1. The average person interacts with 121 emails per day (Vidyard)
  2. Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using a personalized web experience (Triblio)
  3. The average retention rate for personalized videos is 35% higher than for non-personalized videos – Vidyard

Our current online environment is saturated with content from competing businesses. With the everyday struggle of avoiding information overload, it is challenging for businesses to cut through the clutter. All it takes is for you to do something new, but how can you do something new with the accessibility of information nowadays. Well, personalized video gives you that opportunity. It includes new and up-and-coming technology that has not reached the mainstream media environment… yet.  


There is one thing that personalized marketing and video marketing have in common, and it is their prevalence in our current online marketing environment. The fusion of these two through personalized video creates a lead generation tool that connects consumers with your brand in a meaningful way.


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How Content Experience Impacts Your Content’s Performance

STEP 1: Create your content

STEP 2: Distribute content across all desired platforms

STEP 3: Track content’s insights.

This is perceived as the universal 3 step process for your company’s content strategy. However, it is missing a key fourth step: Enable Content Experience. Content performance can be inhibited by poor content experience. In order for your content to reach its full potential, instilling a strong content experience is critical.  

What is content experience?

Content experience is the environment in which your content lives in. Evaluating content experience is understanding all facets of how your content is being perceived; because the digital environment that your content lives in has a significant impact on how your content is consumed. Luckily, we are living in a digital age that allows content marketers to become creative when developing their content experiences. An ideal environment will instill accessibility, interactivity, discoverability; and therefore result in lead generation.

1. Ensure Your Experience Is Responsive

Ensuring your content is responsive is ensuring that the design is compatible for all screen sizes. Today’s online environment is heavily reliant on mobile viewing. Users spend 69% of their media time on smartphones. This means that optimization is critical in order to avoid disrupting content experience.  Keep in mind, people viewing from a mobile device are in a different environment compared to people viewing from a desktop computer. Usually using a mobile device implies that the user is on-the-go or trying to access in-the-moment information. This knowledge should inspire how your content is consumed through mobile devices. Rethink the structure of your content for mobile, and break it up into easily skimmable chunks. Whether it is a blog, video, photo, or distribution channel, ensure that your content can be easily read, watched, viewed, and shared across all devices.

2. At First Glance, User Should Know What Your Content Is About

Having easily skimmable content is not only important on mobile devices, but also prevalent across all of your platforms. It is important for your content to be clear and distinct. A person decides whether or not they like somebody within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. This is the same for when people encounter content, it only takes moments for your viewer to make a first impression on your content. There are a number of things that you can do to improve your users instant experience with your content. The primary step is to represent your content through a clear message and a distinct look. Design and copy play a large role in this part of content experience. For videos, ensure that it includes a descriptive title, caption, and appropriate thumbnail. For blog posts, include a descriptive title, and ensure that the copy can be skimmed and includes different types of media. For website content, ensure that brand colours and content are consistent and easily navigable.

3. Inspire Lead Generation Through A Relevant Call To Action

Lead generation is the outcome of a well thought out content experience. However, this is only possible if there are call to actions embedded within your content. Utilising call to actions for lead generation is nothing new in the content marketing world. However, include a call to action that refuses to be ignored by creating an interactive experience. Having a call to action that helps your viewer towards the  next step of their buying journey will only create a more robust experience. Examples of this can be inviting the viewer to fill out a form by introducing gated content. Gated content is content that the user can download for free after filling out a form. A form fill can act as a way to discover the needs of the viewer, and gated content can act as a method of incentivising your viewer to engage with your company.  You can be as creative as you want when it comes to downloadable content. Some examples to inspire you can include: E-books, Templates, Guidelines, Checklists, infographics, and even podcasts. It is important to share a teaser of your gated content as part of your call to action in order to show the viewer he value of the content.

Create Easily Accessible Content

Organize your content strategically in order to make it easy to find for your viewer. There are a number of ways that you can achieve this on your business’s main content hub, your website.  Consider your audience’s motivations for visiting your content. At its core, when people search for content, they are really searching for solutions; and your content’s environment should make these solutions easily discoverable.

How can you do this?

  1. Include a search bar
  2. Have a content recommendation section
  3. Have your content easily visible throughout your website.

Content experience plays a pivotal role during each phase of your content strategy. With online tools, content marketers are able to become creative with how they create their online environment. However, there are a number of factors to keep in mind during content creation, distribution, and for tracking insights. Below, we have included a checklist that will ensure that you have all of your bases covered regarding your content experience. Download it below!

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Three Ways to Use Video To Improve Brand Personality

Your brand is your company’s single most valuable asset. Developing a brand personality is critical for businesses to differentiate their brand from competitors. A dynamic brand consists of a dynamic brand personality, and this can be achieved through a carefully crafted content strategy. Which brings us to the question: how can brand personality be portrayed in a way that will drive engagement and results? Video.

Video is the perfect way to express your brand’s personality because there are few barriers in the way of you conveying your message. With its ability to incorporate imagery, music, and planning, video is the perfect tool to connect with like-minded consumers. But how do you make the connections? Here are three types of video that will help you boost brand personality.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that talk about a company’s service or product through character animation or motion graphics. With visually pleasing animations and a strong message, they have a high engagement rate amongst audiences. Since animation allows you full creative control, it makes inputting key brand characteristics very achievable. You are also able to drive your brand personality in subtle ways. Elements of an effective animated explainer video should be carefully chosen to represent your brand, and with this creative freedom you can do this effectively through simple things like brand colours, font-type, and imagery.  Your target audience should inspire the way your video flows and the language that you use. You can even create a buyer persona, and integrate a fictional character who represents the persona in the video. This creates a relatable aspect to the video, and spurs trust within your brand. And this is the goal; creating a video that will have your audience resonate with your brand.


Culture Videos

A culture video showcases a behind-the-scenes view of your company’s work culture. Work culture videos are light-hearted and are meant to not only inspire, but to also excite.  Think outside your product, and tell the story of your company. In turn, you will create a well-rounded brand personality that incites transparency and trust. Brand personality is dynamic and consists of brand characteristics, qualities, and most importantly values. If these are represented through your culture video, it tells the audience that your brand goes deeper than surface level. Showcasing the inner workings of your company shatters the wall between your company and the services that you offer. This is important because people want to know the human beings behind the sell. This makes your brand more than a selling proposition, and makes you a trustworthy entity.


Personalized Video

Personalized videos are used primarily in direct email campaigns. What makes them so valuable is that they embed key information about the email recipient into the videos. This information can include, but is not limited to, the recipient’s name, email, photo and company name. In an ever-growing, data-filled environment, it has been become easier to create personalized content for your consumer. However, this effort falls flat when it is not attached to a meaningful story. Personalized video allows you to tell a story and represent key traits about your brand, all while directly incorporating the viewer. This is integral to your brand personality because it fulfills the end goal: for your brand to be a distinctive entity in the consumers mind. What’s more memorable than watching a video whose main character is YOU? With extremely high engagement rates, it is very easy for personalized video to help support brand personality in the consumers mind.  

Video is an effective way to represent brand personality. It is a visual and engaging method for driving company messages, and is easy to distribute amongst all platforms. An established brand personality is not achieved immediately, and should be prevalent in all media revolving around your brand. So, using more than one of these videos for your brand can lead to a robust and prominent brand personality. Animated explainer videos effectively talk about your brand in an aesthetically interesting way. Culture videos humanize your brand and explore core company values. Personalized videos are a way to integrate your viewer into your brand message. These videos all have different objectives, but also all work towards the common goal of deepening consumer brand perceptions.


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